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Frequently Asked Questions about DNA Testing

Q. Why would I need or want a paternity test?
A. Establishing paternity is important to ensure a child’s wellbeing and to fully protect his or
her rights. Definitively knowing one’s biological parentage is important for several reasons:
  • It allows access to legal and social benefits, including social security, veteran’s, and
    inheritance benefits.
  • It provides an accurate medical history for the child, giving the healthcare provider
    additional insight during diagnosis and in managing the child’s health.
  • It strengthens the bond between father and child.
  • If a couple are not married and something happens to the mother, the father must
    have established paternity in order to get custody of child.

Does the mother need to be tested?
A:  Except for rare instances we only need to test the alleged father and the child.

Does it hurt?
A: It does not hurt.  We only need to rub a swab similar to a Q-Tip on the inside of the
cheek to obtain a sample.  No blood samples or needles are involved and it takes less than
a minute.

Do all parties have to be present at the same time?
A: We do not have to take the samples from everyone at the same time. We can make
seperate appointments for each party.

How long does it take to get test results back?
A: Typically 3 for the legal test and 5 business days for the home kits or piece of mind.  

How will I be notified of the results?
A: We will call you at the number provided and then forward a copy of the report by eMail or
US mail.  If you prefer you may pick up the results at the office.

Why should I use Accugen instead of anyone else?
A: There are a number of reasons to choose us:
  • We are locally owned and operated company.
  • You are talking to your case manager who will handle your case beginning to end,
    not someone in a phone room in another state or in another country.
  • We have already shopped around and WE offer the best prices in town.
  • We give you personalized service. We work with all of the hospitals within a 50 mile
    radius and provide their patients excellent customer service.  Talk to one or our case
    managers and we can help you decide which test is best for your situation.  We will
    not sell you something that you do not need.
  • We do not charge a collection fee. Our price includes everything, including shipping.  
    Beware of the teaser prices that seem low at first but require a separate collection
    fee and in some cases shipping charges. You end up paying more.
  • We will come to you.  We collect at the hospitals and will come to your home at no
    extra charge.
  • We are recommended by all area hospitals.  

Can I do the test right after I have eaten or the baby has been fed?
A: Since we are actually swabbing some cells off the cheek wall eating, drinking, chewing
gum or feeding the baby has no effect on the test.

Will my medical insurance pay for the test?
A: Generally the medical insurance companies consider this a legal problem and not a
medical problem and will not pay for the test, but we have had instances where the Flex
Spending Account will pay for this.  Check with your insurance company for details.   

What test is required by the state of Indiana for the Afidavit of Paternity?
A: If you are not married and sign Part II of the Indiana Afidavit of Paternity for joint
custoday, a Legally Admissible DNA Paternity Test must be submitted within 60 days of the
birth of the child.  To save you a step, we submit the test report to your local Indiana county
health department for you.

What if one of the parties to be tested lives in another city or state?
A: We have access to over 2500 locations in the country where the samples can be collected.
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