AccuGen DNA



These are the DNA Services we provide.

Legally Admissible DNA Paternity Test:

In order to be legally admissible the test must meet certain requirements and follow a strict chain of custody process which we adhere to on every case. We are the largest processor of legal DNA findings in the state of Kentucky. We have provided or continue to provide services for several state and local government agencies with their cases. We are the go-to for most hospitals in our region. Our prices are the most competitive. These are some of the biggest advantages of working with AccuGen DNA. We have a downloadable app on the Google Play store. If you download the app and contact us through the app we will give you additional discounts. We honor all law enforcement agencies as well as veterans who served this nation with an additional discount of 5%. We have been doing that for as long as we have been in business. Thank you for your service. Following is a list of must-dos with Chain of Custody testing.

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